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Windows and Doors

Partnering with Thermeco and SECCO, we are exclusive NSW producers of thermally broken windows and doors using premium systems designed in Italy.  Frames are fabricated locally from a choice of galvanised steel, corten steel, stainless steel and brass.

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Steel Windows and Doors

Specifically made for each unique project, our custom steel windows and doors are designed in full collaboration with you from the very outset. Decades of experience allow us to realize all kinds of openings and concepts to suit your space

Wrought Iron

From balustrades to furnishings to fences and gates, we specialise in the design, fabrication and installation of wrought iron products, whatever the style.



Staircases excite us! Whether an elegant spiral, a classic curved, or a contemporary straight stair, we endeavour to consult and to construct a refined and functional finished product.



Our experience and expertise can help you realise those out-of-the-norm projects as well. From project design and planning to execution and installation, we can help you every step of the way. Get in contact with us today to talk it over.

Our Story

Leggio and Coco Artistic Wrought Iron is the fruit of a merger between two individual blacksmiths, Giuseppe and Antonio, in 2007.

Sicilian-born Giuseppe Tenebre Leggio brings with him over 40 years of expertise and quality craftsmanship in the field of artisan blacksmithing.
Alongside him works Antonio Coco, an artisan who was born in Rome and studied blacksmithing at the ‘Scuola di Fabbri Pontini’ (in the region of Lazio, Italy). In 2017, they were joined by Matteo B, followed by Matteo C in 2018, but our growth didn't stop there.  Luke,  David and our apprentice Alec, joined us in 2021, and finally Tiana in 2022.

We started off manufacturing artisanal wrought iron, and have carried on this skill and experience into magnificent workmanship, whether it be finishing established products like SECCO Sistemi, to fabricating beautiful and unique custom work. All our work is crafted to the highest degree of attention and quality and meets all durability requirements to maintain a premium standard.

On top of fabricating original works and custom designs, we are also highly skilled in partial and full restoration work and the reproduction of antique works such as gates, doors, solid steel windows, tables and chairs.


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